By design, the Camp is small to maintain a more intimate feel! Our facility has indoor/outdoor accommodations with Italian ceramic floors and central heat and air conditioning. To ensure your pet’s year-round comfort, we have an alternative power supply (generator) to maintain the kennel through a power outage. Our guests have their own doggie door that leads to a personal paved and covered patio area. Their lodging space is approximately 4’ x 20’ and they are free to move from indoors to outdoors throughout the day. For our smaller and senior guests, we offer a guest room adjacent to the office area. This area provides a more serene setting away from the excitement that our smaller or geriatric guests may not appreciate.

Each guest is offered a rubber mat, Kuranda cot, plush premium sheepskin bedding, fleece blankets or an orthopedic bed for their comfort.

Our Camp manager lives on-site to make sure that all campers have evening exercise time and a potty break before their night time tuck in.